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We care about what we do!

My name is Lamin K Njie, and I work as a professional bird guide in The Gambia, West Africa.

I am based close to Banjul, and am a member of the Gambian Birdwatchers Association.

I have been working as a Birdwatching guide for over ten years and I trained at the Department of Park and Wildlife Management for Six years.

If you are planning a birding trip to The Gambia, using my bird guiding service, will greatly enhance your trip and enjoyment of our beautiful country and it's birds and wildlife.

I can organise tailor made trips, including transport, to the best birding areas, for every day or just part of your holiday.

Please take at a look at the pages on this website. If you would like further information, please contact me at


Mobiles (00220)6856366 or 9856366 or 7856375 (Please note as reception is poor in certain areas we use multiple services to be up to date with the best news)