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I'm Lamin K Njie, I am a Professional bird guide in the Gambia. I trained for 6 years from 2000/06 under the Department of Park and Wildlife Management at Abuko Nature Reserve studying birds, reptiles, animals and plants.

Having gained my certification, I am now licensed as a Professional bird guide by the Gambia Tourism Board.

I registered as a member of Gambia Birdwatchers Association in 2008 and worked as Professional guide for HABITAT AFRICA and HIDDEN GAMBIA COMPANIES, leading groups from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia to the best birding sites in Gambia and Senegal for 6 years.

Then in 2014, I became a freelance Independent bird guide based at Kotu Bridge, the famous birdwatching hotspot in the Gambia. I also work for Farakunku Lodge, where I am highly recommended by many guests for my advanced knowledge, calm manner and interest in birdwatching and photographing. 

If you are planning birdwatching or photographing trip to Gambia or Senegal, my skills and vast knowledge will greatly enhance your trip and enjoyment of our beautiful country with its bird's and wildlife.

I can organise tailor made trips, including Transport, to the best sites for everyday or just parts of your holiday. 

Please CLICK HERE for information on itineraries and prices, if you would like further information contact me at:

(Please note as reception is poor in certain areas we use multiple services to be up to date with the best news)