On the advice of a friend who has used Lamin as his guide for many years, we booked tours for our recent trip to The Gambia.  We were not disappointed.  Lamin is an excellent guide and a lovely man.  

Our first trip was an overnight trip to Tendaba Camp.  We stopped several times on the way up to look at birds spotted en route.  A special stop was made to see the Abyssinian ground hornbill.  Lamin did not say what he was looking for as he did not want to disappoint us.  Luckily we had the first sighting of the pair since last October.  

After a private afternoon boat trip we stayed in a newly refurbished room at Tendaba.  Ignore old reviews the whole place has been changed beyond recognition and our room was very comfortable.

Next morning we had a second private boat trip.  Private trips are highly recommended if you are a photographer.

On the way home we had more random roadside stops and some planned stops.  Lamin even rescued a chameleon from the road.  My first sighting of a wild chameleon so I was very excited.

At a photo hide we were lucky enough to spot a black headed fire finch.

When our friend arrived we had further planned trips to Brufut Forest and Farasuto.  Both excellent long half day trips.  

We then requested a full day trip to Kartong.  Another great day and highly recommended.

Would we use Lamin again?  Absolutely. 

Evelyn & Mick Howson
Evelyn & Mick Howson

I have been working with Lamin Njie for a few years now and he has taken me on numerous expeditions in The Gambia - on the coast and deeper into the interior. I have to say that Lamin is a skilled and determined guide who  has a remarkable ability not only to find the birds but also to generate good photo opportunities for even quite difficult birds. There have been many happy moments on several trips but finding me an African Blue Flycatcher that was photographable and a superb pair of Black tits are particular stand out moments.

I have used several Gambian bird guides over the years - but Lamin is by far the best in terms of finding target species. He is also a reliable & honest companion in the field. 

James Holden<em>, Amateur photographer and traveller</em>
James Holden, Amateur photographer and traveller

We had 6 days birdwatching with Lamin K whilst we were staying at Farakunka lodge. Lamin was hugely knowledgeable and patient. We were a realtively novice group but managed to clock 200 species. He has an uncanny ability to identify most species by ear and knows where to find them. He located 8/9 Kingfishers and we had a fab view of a male standard nightjar in flight which was stunning. I am sure with more expert birdwatchers at hand Lamin K could have done more!

We had a great time and would recommend him for his exert skills as a bird guide

Pete Orpin<em>, Amateur photographer and traveller</em>
Pete Orpin, Amateur photographer and traveller

My friend Janet and myself used Lamin’s guiding services in March 2019. As 2 women travelling on their own we were very appreciative of Lamins respectful care and attention and his quiet manner. Lamin took care to pace our schedule to meet our needs. His birding and spotting skills are excellent and his knowledge of his country and the whereabouts of specialist birds brilliant. We are currently planning our second visit to The Gambia with Lamin as our guide.

Very much looking forward to returning for some more superb birding!

<em>Sally Nowell, Scotland Based Professional Bird Guide</em>
Sally Nowell, Scotland Based Professional Bird Guide

Gambia is an eldorado for a birdwatcher. You can watch wherever, on the balcony, at the pool and in any park. There are birds everywhere, and often surprisingly close.
Offers on guiding come up in different settings, at market places and in Nature, watching birds. Accepting a guiding offer is very helpful and well worth the money.
We have had very good help from one birdwatching guide Lamin K. Njie. He showed himself to be extremely knowledgeable. We have used his services both in January 2014 and November 2015. His knowledge of the area and bird sounds have impressed us.
We have been staying in the Kotu area and visited Abuko Nature Reserve, Brufut and made outings to Tendaba and Georgetown.
A vivid memory that we bring back from Gambia is birds with great display of colour. In November Gambia is a green country with thick green foliage where you can see many species of raptors. Also male small birds in breeding plumage e.g. Northern red bishop, black winged red bishop and exclamatory paradise whydah.
In the end of January there are many trees in bloom and more fruits which made it easier to study sunbirds and many fruit eating species.

We give Lamin K. Njie our sincere thanks and strong recommendation. He assisted us to spot about 180 species.

<em>Ingrid Hammartorp, Willy Eriksson</em>
Ingrid Hammartorp, Willy Eriksson

We had the pleasure of birding with Lamin K Njie in 2009. His knowledge of Gambian birds, including their vocalisations and where they are likely to be found, is excellent.

We were impressed by his intelligent and sensitive use of playback, while his quiet, unassuming personality was a pleasant contrast to the overbearing nature of some other Gambian bird guides.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Lamin to anyone looking for a bird guide in The Gambia.

John Archer, Graeme Spinks & Bob Watts
John Archer, Graeme Spinks & Bob Watts

Peter ,Jan ,Colin and myself had a brilliant holiday at the end of last year in the Gambia. Lamin was our excellent bird guide. He really knows his stuff and he found us so many lovely birds ....and named the ones we did not know. We got some fantastic photos also. It was my first visit and it was an amazing experience.I thoroughly recommend Lamin K Nije as a bird guide. He is very experienced and very professional . Thank you Lamin
Peter ,Jan ,Colin and myself
Peter ,Jan ,Colin and myself

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